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Portrait of the Anthropocene #3

Unfolds a somber narrative within the confines of a mixed media collage. At its center, a young human face gazes sideways, reflecting a world marred by a destructive recursion of buildings and manufactures. The reflection of this man-made labyrinth on the environment serves as a haunting metaphor. The once-vibrant surroundings now bear the weight of progress, and the repercussions manifest in an unexpected way – dementia. The intricate layers of the collage illustrate how the environment, burdened by the relentless march of industry, mirrors the intricate complexities of the human mind affected by the echoes of urbanization. collector notice: Portrait of the Anthropocene #3 won an open-call curated by NOX Gallery, after 5-days exhibition on January 19th - 23rd, 2024 "HUNAB TECH 2024" from January 24th, 2024 art will be permanently displayed at the Museo Chiapas de Ciencia y Tecnología (MUCH) "Museum of Science and Technology of Chiapas" in Mexico!

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