About Us

Last updated: January 7th, 2024

What’s in a name?

Directory.art is born out of a vision to be the landing page for the art world. A directory for artists. A directory for collectors. A directory for those offering and looking for artistic services? Why? Because the greatest barrier for participants in the art industry is the fragmented and dispersed experience that exists when navigating it. We are not a marketplace. We are a directory. What’s in a name? Everything.

We build on the .ART domain because of a shared vision to provide participants in the art world with real tools to improve their experience. We believe that details matter, and who we work with says alot about who we are. Mondoir builds on .ART, but our partnership is more than just tactical: it’s visionary.

Directory will be the landing page for the art world. We aim to be the starting place for people of all walks engaging with the art industry. Creators, collectors, businesses, and those new and looking to learn. We focus on solving problems in three areas: Create, Discover and Display

The Grid

Mondoir Gallery is located on prestigious Boulevard Crescent in Downtown Dubai. Our state of the art screens are the foundation for the Directory.art exhibition, in which artists that are #onthegrid have their work on display for our visitors to see. This is the first step in our mission to provide solutions and service to artists everywhere; through an exhibition at a world class gallery; no strings attached.

Are you an artist looking to have your work shown in a gallery in Downtown Dubai?

Introducing “The Grid,” hosted on two 260 inch screens at Mondoir Gallery in Downtown Dubai. Are you an artist with an account on Directory.art? Your art is going to be showcased in the gallery at the upcoming Directory.art exhibition. Stay tuned.

Our mission is simple: advance the creative pursuit of artists and those in the art industry. We are proud to introduce our first feature for our community and invite the world to take a peek at what we are all building together.


Information, courses and access to the tools and resources required to bring your art to market. We benchmark and compare platforms so artists make informed decisions based on your own goals.

Consolidate artist listings from multiple marketplaces into a single discovery platform: Directory.art. Collectors browse one place for all your collections, improving the chances of discovery and reducing the time and effort you spend marketing.


Reduce touch points for collectors. By consolidating information relevant to each collector in an intelligent, elegant fashion, we deliver them important news and information in a single place.

Reduce time and effort for consumers. Directory.art solves the problem of people looking to procure artistic services across multiple websites. We connect producers and consumers of artistic goods and services in a single place and enable business to be discovered by consumers looking for their services.


Knowing how to manage a collection is an art in itself. We provided directed workflows using machine learning that bring collectors knowledge and resources to make informed decisions around

Shipping and receiving art, globally. Pricing rates, shipping methods, pros and cons and streamlined solutions to move art globally.

Framing , by taking inputs about your art pieces, where they are being displayed and their styles and providing smart recommendations about the right frames or screens to use are a key feature of our AI engine. We make sense of the information available across multiple mediums to provide collectors with a streamlined experience in a single place.